Mitchell Peterson; Upclose and personal.


By Mitchell Peterson

Modelling is not just a hobby to me it’s a career I’am pursuing and would love to grow in.

I love modelling because I have a passion and I believe as a model I can influence or positively impact many girls around the community.

Mitchell Peterson

Working with IMMZ, my goals are to be an influencer, one people can look up to and be able to say’oh yes she does bring and make a change in the modelling industry.

I want to be a voice for the girl child especially in remote areas.

I communicate well with people i am an understand and open person.

I’m an honest person who is a straight talker who is not shy to voice her concerns.

Mitchell Peterson

I am a junk foodie to be honest but i try my best to eat healthy at times.

I do exercise at home twice a week.

I’m very principled, and morally upright for I wouldn’t model for anything to do with nudity.


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