Miss Plus Size Zim; in the making.


BY SELF – I’ve always had an interest in modelling, I developed and found out the love while I was growing up as a teenager.

Back then the chances of you being a model where not there until I grew older when the change came and I figured at that plus size modelling was there that’s when I discovered that I could be one of them since I was interested in becoming one.

I love it, I’m good at it it helps me in so many ways of dealing with myself and being myself.

Before I engaged iconic model management Zimbabwe I had no training but I had taught myself how to model.

What makes me to become a model it’s because of my abilities, my purpose on helping other people.

My goal is to see myself confident, furthering my purpose, making myself a household name through being involved in many modeling jobs.

As time goes on I see myself going internationally and I believe Mr Nilton is the right person to help me achieve that desire.

What I hope to gain is see myself happy, having a great impact in other people’s lives.

I exercise everyday at home and I sometimes go to the gym. I hope to be happy with myself, helping other people. No I’ve got no limitations.

I would say I can model any kind of clothing as long its for a good purpose.

It feels great to be a international model.

Travelling itself is an experience it’s wonderful you get to meet other people and see other people and that’s whats nice. I also get to know about other people’s cultures and do many fashion shows.


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