Profile: Desiree Leith

Desiree Leith

Zimbabwe – I am a qualified marketer and have worked in sales and marketing for 17 Years. Having recently had a baby I have decided to pursue a different career and it’s been made possible by Iconic modeling agency.

I have recently become a plus size woman and I am learning to embrace my beautiful body and carry myself with pride. Iconic Modeling Agency with Nilton have taken the time to train me to be confident in my own skin of which I never thought could be possible. God willing and with my hard work and dedication I endeavor to allow this opportunity to take me down this road to greater things in life. I would be delighted to see myself on billboards, tv screens and magazines. I believe Nilton and his team can help me live this dream nationally and internationally.

At present, apart from pursuing my modeling, I have decided to take a time out from a 8-5pm, Monday to Friday job. I spend my days playing and enjoying my 5 month old baby. I enjoy cooking, baking, painting and reading.

I enjoy walking, going to gym and swimming as well as teaching children to swim and paint. I enjoy the outdoors and spend a lot of time on the edge of a river or damn watching my family fish while we camp in the wilderness.

I am a simple woman with big dreams but I hope the courage I have shown to pursue a modeling career at my age and with my size can encourage other woman to have self love and confidence in themselves.

My daughter Gabrielle (16yrs) has seen the positive energy that modeling has given me and has come out of her own shell and decided to follow in my foot steps.

Gabrielle, Desiree’s Daughter

In just a few weeks of training she has built the confidence to start thinking about possibly running for Miss Teen Zimbabwe. A once very shy and with drawn girl has now become a positive and confident young lady and I see a bright future for her in this industry.

You don’t have to be a particular age, size,height or colour to excel in this industry. You just have to believe in yourself and allow God to guide you. Iconic Modeling agency can and will make it happen for you.


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