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Resinah Shoko

My name is Resinah Shoko. I am currently a law student. Being a young girl aged 22 i have experienced and learned a lot in the modelling industry. Iconic Modelling Management Zimbabwe by Mr Nilton has groomed and still is grooming me to become a better and a more desireable model who will represent the world.

I was born a model and i am confident about that. My modelling career started when i was 6 years old.

It’s not easy to dedicate yourself to modelling as it comes with a lot of commitments, but i managed to keep the pace and am still moving forward.

When you are passionate about modelling then nomatter the diet you go through, you will always embrace the end result.

A model is a representative of a lot of things. It is my duty to perfect myself and motivate the upcoming generation. I am and will always be confident, i have this inner belief that tells me that i can and i will. Giving up on my modelling career will never exist but rather i will strive hard to be recognised as one of the top models in the world.

As a model i do exercises everyday, i do water therapy everyday. This is a daily routine so as to keep up the appearance of a model.

My confidence tells me that i don’t have limitations,the aim is to go out to the world and be a good representer of the youth in a positive way. It is almost everyone’s dream to transform his/her society but together with the law field that i have engaged myself into i will surely bring a change into my community.

My encouragement to young girls and boys is to be energetic and confident. When you are confident and energised to pursue something…those two characteristics are enough to make you different and place you at your own level that is exquisite.

The journey has just begun and i will remain focused and committed to my modelling career.


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