Profile: Shantelle Tanaka Katsenga

Shantelle Tanaka Katsenga

I am aged 20 and I live in Harare with my mom who happens to be my role model and inspiration to life. I’m currently in school doing secretarial and accounting at Career management center.

I enjoy reading n learning new things, getting new experience. My hobbies are chess and volleyball. I’m a Christian and i grew up in a Christianity family. I’m a down to earth lady who’s positive about everything I do.

I’m too strict when it comes to my personality. I want to earn more respect from society and all over the country through how I will present my brand and through modelling which I hope to use to gain fame that I will use to positively influence upcoming girls about good morals.

Modelling to me can and is a way of life and I have also noticed that through grooming and etiquette I get to know many useful tips and manners that I will use in my everyday and professional life.

I love to be happy always and having a positive attitude towards life and challenges. I’m a kind hearted person who love to help those in need. I thank my mom for being my role model up to were I am today she has worked hard for me.

modelling has been my passion since I was a kid but never had that encouragement from people till I was discovered by Mr Nilton.

And also people with my body size we had been sidelined and overlooked because mostly they say models should be tall and slim, But thanks to the emergence of plus size model we are now able to strut along the bodies God gave us.

Thanks to iconic model management Zimbabwe for making us show our talents all over the country, showing the true beauty of ourselves and uniqueness. I knew modelling was in my bones since I was in primary level and I have managed to let it out for the world to note.

Mr Nilton is also my role model and I would like to thank him for the hardwork he’s putting in polishing us. I promise to work hard. And in the next 5 years I see myself as a top model well known all over the country and internationally. I do regular workouts to keep my body in shape though it is natural, I have a small waist and well endowed hips which are my biggest tools in commercial tools. I don’t have limits but I’m looking at doing glamour at a later stage.


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