Profile: Soraya Dianputri Soeryanata

Soraya Dianputri Soeryanata

I have always wanted to model as a child and Mr Nilton has helped me and motivated me to pursue my dreams.

This career will help me release fearlessness. It also helps me pursue my dreams in traveling the world and modeling. Modeling helps me become aware of the possibilities that it could bring such as featuring in many fashion related magazines and getting recognition from other designers.

As a high school student, I have managed my time for modeling and for school as well because I wish to score a higher education for fashion.

I believe that I possess great qualities of a model. I am outspoken, imaginative as well as outgoing and adventurous.

My goals as a model will be to be able to inspire the younger people to fulfil their dreams. I wish to inspire other women and men to be fearless and to not be scared to express their feelings. I wish to model for other designers and Mr Nilton has contact with such people,I believe that Mr Nilton will push me towards success in the future.

I see myself progressing very well due to the help that was provided by the Iconic Family.

I often exercise 3 times weekly to keep my body in shape and to stay healthy.

I hope to be able to inspire people the same way as Mr Nilton inspired me. I wish to model for well known designer and be able to travel the world as well

Yes ,I have limitations. I only model in clothes that I feel comfortable with and I know my boundaries.

I prefer to only model in clothes I am comfortable with.


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