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Question and Answer – (Q&A)

HEM: Tell us about yourself: Why do you want to work as a model?
Thaidah: I’m Taida, 30 years old, vibrant and a people person. I am a plus size model and I want work as a model to spread body positivity and advocate for more women to be more confident in their own skin.
HEM: Why are you interested in this career?
Thaidah: Self actualization, growing up I was always told your pretty for a big girl. I’m here to show the world I’m not just pretty BUT big I’m Pretty Big and there is no but.
HEM: Tell us about your education: Have you attended fashion modeling courses?
model management Zimbabwe
Thaidah: I have an Honours Degree in Social Sciences. That I rely on in my interactions and analysis of situations. Iconic Model Management has offered weekly short courses on Grooming Etiquette, Self Eestem etc.
HEM: What related courses or studies have you taken?
Thaidah: Grooming and Ettiquette Courses
HEM: Why would you think you’re fit to be a model?
Thaidah: I am dependable, confident, daring and love to show off my curves.
HEM: What are your goals as a model?
Thaidah: Reach the top of being a Plus size model and featured in the Plus size industry
HEM: How do you see yourself progress in this field?
Thaidah: stepping stones to reach national audience and gain regional and international platforms
HEM: What do you know about the advertisement industry, advertising psychology and photography?
Thaidah: The media is a great way to reach an audience, advertisement allows you to attract target market and apply appropriate message to grab their attention. Advertisement increases brand awareness and sales volumes.
HEM: How do you communicate with people?
Thaidah: I am a very open and known as the life of the party. Communications is my strength.
HEM: Are you patient?
Thaidah: Yes to an extent. I’m patient but not an angel
HEM: Are you friendly?
Thaidah: Extremely socialiable, I sometimes have to hold myself back from overstepping in peoples personal spaces because I just want to be a big happy family spreading love.
HEM: How open are you to clients’ requirements?
Thaidah: Open but also depends on what those requirements are if they are cognisant with my beliefs or not
HEM: Do you eat nutritiously?
Thaidah: Yes try to follow a low carb diet
HEM: How often do you exercise or go to the gym?
Thaidah: Routinely take walks and jump rope
HEM: What do you hope to accomplish at our modeling agency?
Thaidah: Full representation of plus size model industry. To become a brand name
HEM: Do you have any limitations?
Thaidah: In terms of modeling, I am skeptical of boudoir images.
HEM: Would you model any kind of clothing at all?
Thaidah: Yes except if it is leaning towards boudoir
HEM: State your availability: Available as per requirements, appropriate notice required only
HEM:would you travel?
Thaidah: Yes
HEM: Work full-time, part time? Any hours?
Thaidah: Part time I am formally employed and would require timeous notice in order to avail myself.


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