Zimbabwean brewing fame in England


United Kingdom: Reporter (By Self) – I was born in Zimbabwe, and came to England when I was 10. By this time I was already introduced to music, singing when l was in the car with my mother. I was listening and learning the songs my father and mother played around me. Such songs included tracks by Tracey Chapman, Shinia twin, Celion Dion. UB40 and boys to men.

Apart from this I found my passion for singing driving around with my parents, then later in life my parents helped me grow more and learn more. Then I took control of my dreams and began to build more confidence and experience with my voice, I have studied music at university. Hip Hop and rap became a big part of my life, and as the music became to change and develop. So did I. I began learning to master my voice, my creativity and my mind potentially. I grew up a lot from music, and it became the foundation of my future.

Now I’m patiently creating my music, to promote and get the attention of the scene and the people most importantly. But music has always been a way of communicating for me. Also from watching how powerful a persons voice can be when the people respect you and understand you. I became more ambitious and inspired not only to make great music but become a great person and do my bit to help and fix the world we live in. And all this was ignited by my love and passion to make and sing music.



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