In-depth with ZimDancehall FC


Zimbabwe – It was yet another fascinating weekend, as the Zimdancehall FC reveal it’s new stunning Green jersey and the team manager,coach Musa appeared with his unbeaten run since the team formed….talking to Heart Entertainment News…the team captain king Shaddy and his vice captain Guspy worrior said they are delighted and see the future of the team in the Division leagues very soon….he also thanked heart entertainment for supporting the movement, in which he said now the movement of Zimbabwean musicians playing soccer is covering the whole world through HEM….which is good for exposure….looking into the match played on Sunday the team clashed with SOCCER CHART…and the match ended in favour of Zimdancehall fc. 3-1 the match ended and the goal scorers where Jay C ,Jackie and Mr Potter……and the artist are proving to the world that it’s not just singing they are good at ,but also they know how to play the Game….. the was an after party after the match courtesy of boss Spencer and it was a blessed sporting sunday…..Heart entertainment magazine will be covering the movement. …#first hand information as it happens. ..likes on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, whatsapp….and keep posted of the daily celebrity movements. #HEM….article by Zim one eyešŸ‘



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