SoundCloud launches Promote tool for artists

SoundCloud chief product officer Gilles Bian-Rosa

SoundCloud yesterday announced that it had introduced a new promotional tool for SoundCloud Premier members.

The new feature, which is called Promote, is a self-service tool that enables artists to boost their original songs to the top of listeners’ feeds and mobile homepages.

Users can promote tracks directly to fans in real time, distribute releases to their audience across all major music services and get paid for plays both on SoundCloud and other streaming platforms.

Promote will give independent creators the option to set their own budgets for their songs and choose from a range of advanced options that can help drive track plays, reach more listener groups and build connections with fans.

“Promote on SoundCloud is an important addition to SoundCloud Premier, which offers creators wide distribution, more earning potential, and now, a way to proactively promote their music on SoundCloud,” the company’s chief product officer, Gilles BianRosa, said.

“By promoting on SoundCloud, creators get the added benefit of combining Promote on SoundCloud reports with SoundCloud stats to see comprehensive engagement data, a unique capability for creators who choose SoundCloud.”

Before the new tool was launched, artists had to rely on other content creators and aggregators to repost their songs to expand their reach.

The tool sets SoundCloud apart from most other streaming services by giving artists and creators more control over their content and marketing strategies.

It also serves as a step further on SoundCloud’s Premier monetisation programme whose core selling point is that it enables artists to monetise their music on the platform and, according to SoundCloud, earn better pay-outs.

“Only SoundCloud empowers creators with a unified platform to instantly upload and share, connect with fans in real time and get paid for their work everywhere,” SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor said earlier this year.


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