Tshego, Femi Koya to headline 2020 Bacardi Holiday Club fest

Tshego. Photo: Facebook

South Africa – Tshego, Femi Koya and DBN Gogo will headline the 2020 Bacardi Holiday Club festival at Welgelegen Manor in Mpumalanga, South Africa from 6 to 8 March.

They will be joined by King Olwee, Rikay, Chuck Tailored, and Mmisology.

The event, which will run under the theme Carnival Edition, will feature live music, food, and drinks.

“Since the last Bacardi Holiday Club, we have been hard at work at making the 2020 festival a success,” the festival organizers said. “We are really excited that we can finally get the ball rolling once again.

“This instalment of the Bacardi Holiday Club will be a carnival theme so expect a lot of fun, dancing and colourful experience that has the unique Sound of Rum to go with it for the festivities.”

Tickets to the event are available here.


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