Trace launches COVID-19 campaign


France – Trace TV has launched the Stay campaign to help fight against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Stay aims to keep more than 350 million viewers in 162 countries indoors. The campaign will run under the theme, Stay Home, Stay Trace, and seeks to encourage young people to stay at home and find happiness. Trace will also offer free airtime for official messaging during the pandemic.

“As an international media platform that speaks to millions of viewers each day, we have a responsibility to play our part in helping limit the spread of this virus,” Trace co-founder and executive chairman Olivier Laouchez said.

“Stay is our way of taking responsibility by providing entertainment that will help keep our viewers indoors and most importantly ensure that they are educated and informed, so that they can make the right day-to-day choices in the fight against COVID-19.

“In addition to the entertainment, we would like to offer an additional R20m (about $1m) in free TV, radio and online airtime to governments and health institutions to help drive the message home of sanitising, social distancing and staying at home. This equates to R40m, that we are hoping will make a massive difference in educating viewers.”

To drive the campaign, the company is offering a free one-month subscription to the Trace Play bouquet, which includes 10 live TV channels, 30 live radio stations and more than 2 000 on-demand programmes.

To activate the free subscription, users can use the promo code ‘Free’ via this link(link is external) . Once redeemed, users can enjoy Trace Play on their laptops or download the iOS or Android apps on their smartphones and tablets to gain full access.


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