Universal Music Publishing launches global synching service

Universal Music Publishing Group's headquarters in California.

Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) yesterday announced that it had launched a global music service for film, TV, and advertising called UMPG Music Solutions.

UMPG says the service(link is external) aims to simplify the music search experience that enables clients to discover and connect with the most suitable music creators for a project’s needs, as well as strengthen the company’s film, TV and advertising strategy.

The company boasts more 3 million songs on its synch catalogue and has worked with major global companies such as Budweiser, Pepsi and Audi, among many others.

The platform will provide a single point of access for each local market to the company’s global network of composers, songwriters, producers and synch resources – which include its synch and production music divisions.

The service will also make accessible works from the company’s global partners including Elias Music, Green United Music, Decca Publishing, Amp.Amsterdam, DJDTP and Sup3rsonic, among others.

“UMPG’s film, TV and advertising teams strive to provide best-in-class service for our clients,” UMPG music for advertising, film and TV senior vice-president Tom Eaton said.

“With UMPG Music Solutions, we are highlighting the fact that our capabilities extend far beyond commercial music licensing. By harnessing the talents of our world-class roster, as well as our creative partners, UMPG continues to go above and beyond in providing the best results for all of our clients’ needs.”

Client inquiries will be managed by UMPG’s local synch offices as well as through Universal Publishing Production Music.


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