LANDR launches Sessions video calling app for musicians


Canada – Music mastering platform LANDR has launched a video calling app and plugin called Sessions, which is aimed at musicians.

The free tool was designed for online collaboration and feedback from music makers in real time. The plugin lets users stream video, high-quality audio and screen sharing directly from their digital audio workstations (DAWs). The app can also be used for online music lessons and using a DAW to demonstrate theory and techniques.

Sessions allows up to six collaborators on one call who can share 15 minutes of DAW audio streaming and unlimited video. Premium membership will set members back £39 a year and offers unlimited DAW streaming with up to 17 other users.

LANDR says there is no compromise in audio quality because the software does away with a lot of the processing that apps like Zoom use to filter out background noise and echo.

“Most video calling software prioritises the video experience over audio. That means your sound gets compressed, degraded and summed to mono at the first sign of a poor connection,” the company said.

The app could be useful for musicians who have been forced to turn to remote collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sessions is not the first app trying to make remote collaboration more practical. Last year, UK collaborative music-making platform Endless launched an iOS and macOS app. In March, US-based social music service SoundStorming also unveiled an app that lets music makers connect, collaborate and promote their talent by sharing in-progress musical ideas with a global community.



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