RightsHUB launches DataDoktor music rights tool


UK – Music rights and asset management platform rightsHUB has launched a new online music rights data service called DataDoktor.

The tool will help music rightsholders clean, enhance and update their catalogues by analysing the data. It will also assist rightsholders to identify, report and resolve errors in their data and assets.

“By creating these tools we save content owners time and money and help increase revenue while in turn creating a clean data flow to recipients, saving them valuable resource costs,” rightsHUB CEO Lee Morrison said.

RightsHUB recently partnered with a number of new customers, including Sentric Neighbouring Rights, One Little Independent Records and Marathon Music Group, among others, which are all using the service.

The company has also launched Catalogue Academy, a free 12-week programme of short-form webinars, which share knowledge and insight from rightsHUB. The initiative is aimed at helping practitioners across the industry stay updated with current trends. It includes contributions from leading experts in the music data and rights management fields.

The free webinars will be available both live and on-demand, and will cover a range of music data topics, including linking recordings and compositions and the sustainability of live streaming.

To access the webinars, interested individuals can register on Catalogue Academy’s official website.

In a recent session of the UK Parliament’s inquiry into the economics of streaming, YouTube director of government affairs and public policy Katherine Oyama singled out unreliable or missing metadata as an area that needed to be tackled to improve the streaming ecosystem for artists and songwriters.

“The lack of a comprehensive database about ownership adds a lot of complexity. For a 90-second song, we are often having to divide that across maybe 14 different entities and rightsholders,” Oyama said.

RightsHUB is not the only company trying to improve data efficiency in the music industry. Last year, digital aggregator OnNow.tv announced V1 of its metadata standards for the live-streaming ecosystem. The standards seek to make data more consistent, distributable and useful across live-streaming platforms, as well as assist creators and viewers to move seamlessly across platforms.


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